cheap suits

i'm about a one piece. less active sucking in required. 

these all come in under $30. get two. 



1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

i love them all but i'm really here for #5. 

see shell

don't hate on my pun. it's monday. and i still love shells. 

i need a wallpaper like this one only instead of animals i want seashells. does it exist and i just couldn't find it? has to be on a black/dark background. i feel like i have seen it somewhere. 

i do like this seashell wallpaper from scalamandre though. a lot. 

how great are these seashell dragon motif lamps. with their little shell finials. 

large pink velvet seashell pillow. even stuffed velvet seashells are great. i'd put one big one on a bed. or a small one on a chair. 

salior's valentine

shell motif fireplace surround.

papua tiger shell stacks.

all the shells in the fireplace. i do this at home because it's already an empty SHELL. (sorry)

1 - 2 - 3 - 4

brass letter opener.

purple and pink seashell painting. this thing is massive and i think it's real cool. 

brown jordan grotto chairs. i would really love to discover a set of these in some garage sale somewhere. lololololololololllllllllllllz.

ceramic shell planter. 

friday things

sasha bikoff gets me. 


very excited for this lipstick that dropped this week. you can see it in action here. tell me you don't want it bad. 


somebody buy these


and this. look at the fabric up close. it's in perfect condition. 


the archibald prize nominees. don't worry i didn't know what it was either. (australasia's portraiture award)


very very VERY excited for this book. i've been wishing for a book from her for ages. 


this is a pretty dress. i'd wear it with these shoes for daytime.  


really into this haircut


and these boots


have a great weekend.