bless this mess

pardon our progress.

anyone out there interested in helping me change my blog a little?

must be familiar with squarespace.

hit me up.

in the meantime i’ve added a sketchbook section up there. if you follow on insta you’ll see i’ve been posting sketchbook musings for a while now. it’s my favorite thing to paint because i allow complete freedom for myself to explore without the pressure of “will anyone buy this?”

they aren’t for sale you see??

in other news…

my buddy kathleen jones has a pop up over at the furb. please snatch one of her pieces up before she’s so famous you couldn’t even afford her. she has such a fun, unique style.

alright then. have a good one.

but also, seriously, if you or someone you know wants to help me out with a site update email me.

stocking up

shopbop is at it again with another sale.

this one is giving you 20% off on orders under $500. and 25% off on orders over $500.

ok. ok. that’s pretty cool. i’m definitely not in a position to spend over $500 so let’s kept it under.

i’m not ready for sweaters…wait..let me rephrase…i AM ready for sweaters, atlanta just has other ideas.

besides that i have my fall sweater goals on lock, which i will post about soon. in general i am refreshing my wardrobe with the literal basic of basics. jeans, cardis, tees. bye.

but shoes. i have a real lack of practical shoes. maybe you do too.

after eyeing all the snake and still-unaffordable-to-me-even-with-a-discount designer brands these were my favorites….

  1. dr. martens rometty chealsea boots

  2. converse high tops -get em while the gettin’s good.

  3. chelsea rain booties

  4. dr. martens sherpa chelsea boots - stomp around the city this winter and still be fashionable.

  5. frye lace up bootie - ok, these aren’t really in my budget but they are so good. maybe they’re in yours. after discount they come out to right around 300.

  6. sam edelman loraine loafers - nothing bad about these. i would wear these the most i think. so i’d have to get a few styles. like #7.

  7. sam edelman ackley loafers - ok i’d actually wear these the most.

  8. vince cabria booties - yeah, i know. i post about these a lot. once these were broken in and a little scuffed up…perfect.

    9. ankle strap pumps - a go with anything fall shoe.

    10. v-10 sneakers - between these and the chucks i’d say you’re solid in the sneaker dept.

    glad that’s all settled.

happy fall


this under 80 dollar sweater feels real ulla/mara/80’s-right-on-top-of-that-rose…doesn’t it?

cheap jeans. bc you need all the jeans.

everyone’s talking about VB’s new makeup. it’s clean. that’s outstanding. more luxury brands need to clean up their makeup and skin care.

these earrings. i dunno. they look better on.

i fully support the snake skin bag/boots thing but i just don’t want to pay top dollar for it. this mango bag is ladylike, trendy with the snake and yet classic looking.

i have had my eye on these vince boots for a while. so perfect.