fashion week on a budget

found some dupes some almost theres and some totally differents but still awesome from last week's nyfw moodboard of dreams


pretty blue blazer- definitely a color you'll see a lot of in spring. wear it with cropped jeans, a graphic tee and white booties now. 

round black minaudiere - darling yes? statement totally. 

yellow ruffle wrap dress - another winner in the versatility department. this could be worn as is on a warm day or with a turtleneck sweater underneath and slouchy knee boots or with a t shirt and jeans. 

cut out knit sweater - not your basic sweater. 

pink feathered sandal - not exactly prada but still cute and offering you a taste of a trend for a fraction of the price. 

high rise jeans - in your face vetements. 

denim jacket with leopard collar - hi. gimme. 

denim jacket with fur collar - hi. gimme. 

embroidered satin kimono - THIS. you could wear it around your house for sure but i'd belt it and wear it with jeans and slingback heels. this western belt probably. 

black v neck sweater - here's your basic black sweater to tuck into jeans or a leather skirt. 

ruffled leather skirt - and here's your leather skirt.

leopard fanny pack - ok so this isn't exactly cheap but it's not gucci money and it's a classic print that will always be chic. and i feel like women have true need of the fanny pack. concerts, travel, crowds, walks...blah blah. you know...when you don't want that albatross purse on your shoulder or god forbid, swung around your neck but you need a place to store your shit. 

prince of wales check blazer - guys snatch your check blazer up asap. it will sell out. mango is good quality for the price. i've always been happy with my mango purchases. 

white kitten heel boots - wear with everything. literally. 


guys we are already well into london fashion week and i haven't even LOOKED! 

london is my favorite. people have big fashion balls there. 

ok, i'm off. will report back tomorrow. 


saturday things

thinking friday things should be saturday things? i usually have a lot more time on saturday to blog than i do on friday so there's that. and don't you actually have a lot more time to click links on a saturday? 


ah to be 25, italian and rich AF. 

for serious tho, gilda ambrosio is style goals. 



this is my go to chili. it makes enough to feed an army so we eat it for a few days and freeze the rest. or you could have company over and shit. 


if you have time to click one link let it be this

thanks to susan for the heads up. not for nothing but susan brinson of house of brinson never fails in her recommendations.  


i'm sorry but i don't hate gwyneth like everyone else does. i find her to be incredibly smart and frankly we need her. i think this article speaks to how and why this is true, at least for me. 

also add me to the list of people that will fork out $12 for the goop magazine. because a. i like magazines. nothing better than a new magazine to flip through. and b. i'm not opposed to sticking a jade egg in my cooter. doesn't mean i'll do it but i wanna know why i should. 

“I don’t think our culture’s that good at understanding that life is a lot less concrete than we typically think—there’s a lot that’s unseen, in terms of energy and emotionality and psychology, and that all plays an important part in our lives.”



this kitchen before and after. only it's the before i love more.

oh man. i would have loved the chance to re do that kitchen. don't get me wrong, the after is beautiful and i get why they completely gutted it (spacial issues, darkness, different styles etc..) but i would've painted all the cabinets, whited out the beams, changed the hardware and floor, added an island and called it a day. 

this late summer bolognese looks interesting. no meat. all veggies served over polenta. it looks like the perfect seasonal transition. comforting but light. 


guys...i have used this lash enhancing serum for the allotted time it says to use to see results and it truly is pretty magical. it says you'll see results in 4-6 weeks with full results in 3 months. i didn't really see much change at the 4-6 week mark, i thought it wasn't working and was pissed i spent that money. but then, holy hell my lashes were starting to look like caterpillars. it hasn't been the full 3 months, more like 2 but i went from eh...this isn't working to must get more. so the moral is be patient. the reason i bought it is bc i had lash extensions for about 3 months and tho i did love the convenience of never having to wear mascara or eye make up in general it is a lot of maintenance and $. but when i took them off my real lashes were almost non existent. my lower lashes were now twice as long as my upper lashes. which isn't cute. so...if you want fluffier, longer lashes...give this a go. 


i am working on a budget version of my nyfw picks. coming monday! 

and yes, i found replicas so far for almost everything. 


 weekend your face off!

the goods from fashion week

the things. all the things. 

i dreamt of those leopard platforms and all the places i'd wear them. 

dreamt being the operative word. 

all these things are out of my element but i sure don't love them any less.

dvf leopard print silk dress - i don't think you could ever not wear this dress somewhere. and for that i give it a worth-it's-price gold star.

prada embellished pink satin sandal - too pretty to keep in a box. i'd wear them with jeans and a big, fuzzy sweater. 

tibi blue satin maxi dress

chloe pixie sued shoulder bag

prada platform pumps

 vetements straight leg jeans- i'd really like to try on a pair of these jeans. just to see ya know? i feel like if i tried them on and was underwhelmed someone would appear out of nowhere and drag me away to the upside down or something. 

victoria beckham belted pink cardigan

theory cashmere sweater in black - let's tuck this into jeans. or how about a black leather skirt

alexandre birman white kitten heel boot - you really do need a pair of white boots. 

calvin klein double breasted houndstooth blazer - you also really need a checked blazer. 

sies marjan mint green duchess satin skirt 

natasha zinko patchwork denim jacket - i like the idea of a big denim jacket as a sort of dress with over the knee or slouchy boots. because i just think wearing it any other way would make us average folks look like truck drivers.  THIS is a great source for affordable oversized denim jackets. you are welcome. 

gucci belt bag - make no mistake. this IS a fanny pack. from gucci. and my inner douchebag really wants one. 

calvin klein cutout sweater

tanya taylor denim dress

 prada feather sandals

emilio pucci double breasted pink crepe blazer 


budget board coming soon.