the holiday lewk

i'm not sure i've loved clothes more than i do everything attico has made. i'm also not sure that that sentence is grammatically correct. 

guys, velvet is huge right now. and attico makes some sick velvet dresses. none of which i can afford. 


but enter my go to brand for trendy things - mango.

same look. way different price tag. 

i'd holiday party it up in so...


dress (a pretty mustard color here too) / earrings / perfume (sounds like heaven) / bag / shoes

good news is, you could wear it again over jeans like gilda and giorgia...


or christmas morning while you eat your christmas breakfast sausage casserole and open presents. 

speaking of birthday is a few weeks away. thanks. 

two beautiful homes

solange azagury-partridge has not one, but two homes that are the antithesis to all that california modern i see anymore. while i feel like i fall somewhere in between all this color and crazy and minimal and relaxed i DO feel like this look is a look that defies trends and you won't see all the kids clamoring to copy it. why? i'm not sure. probably has something to do with not understanding how it works. which, in a nutshell, is collected and edited to aplomb. and who knows, maybe it is easier to live with that all white, pared down, throw a mud cloth on it look...but these homes are SO much more soulful and interesting to look at. 

her london home:


and her somerset home:


etsy finds

love this boucherouite lumbar pillow from house of seance. the backside is pretty cute too. 


i've had my eye on this ornament wreath for some time. there are several to choose from but this is my fave. 


i wish i had a long hallway to put this pink moroccan rug in. have you ever?!


these vintage hawaiian cocktail napkins are pretty special. 


as are these evil eye napkin rings. vibes. 


the colors in this rug are fantastic. there isn't a rug in the entire shop i don't want. 


i would put this vintage chinese oval rug in a bathroom. 


ok mini santa mugs, you got me. 


cuckoo clocks are magical. this one is $40. 


i'd put this brown boucherouite in an entry or kitchen. the dark color would be very forgiving. plus don't tell anyone but i've put my wool moroccan rug in the large capacity washing machine at the laundromat with success. just don't dry it! and maybe only do it in summer so you can air dry it outside. and also maybe don't do it very often.