friday things

inspiration berets. in case you needed a reason. (you don't.) i recently bought this one in iceland blue and it's perfect. warm, soft, easy to manipulate into the desired hang and shape, comes in a variety of colors. ok i ordered this one too. 



snickerdoodle fudge. 5 ingredients. 10 minutes. christmas miracle. 



easy bouncy waves tutorial. i watched. it's easy. 



just try and tell me you wouldn't want to stay here for the summer. 


i'd also take a cozy winter weekend here



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and finally..


25 houses under 50k. weekend reading. if i could just get my hands on that bombay NY property. what i would do to that place. 



gimme all the books

i would like to recluse myself near a fire with a glass or 3 of wine and all of these books. 

vogue living country city coast - i have spoken of the quick peek i did of this book at the book store. it's complete joy. and i needs it. 

smitten kitchen every day - i'm a fan of deb. but also pizza beans

nigel slater's the christmas chronicles - my favorite cookbook author of all time. his words will make you want to cook. 

daily life by gert voorjans - i'm new to the stylings of belgian gert voorjans but count me as a devoted follower. many of his rooms were featured in this post

about decorating the remarkable rooms of richard keith langham - i don't know much about this book or RKL but sara ruffin costello wrote it and i like her. also this review, while meant to be a bad review, basically sealed the deal for me on why i think i'd love it. 

ben pentreath english houses - i'm actually kind of surprised i haven't bought this one yet. i have his first one and it's well loved. i must have looked through it a dozen times those first few days. 

scandinavian comfort food - i'd like to get to know more about what this food is. up until a year ago i had no idea i came from any scandinavian stock. but apparently i am like 90% swedish. 

remodelista the organized home - i think we all need this one. 

jamie oliver christmas cookbook - jamie is always my go to for holiday recipes or recipes that i know will taste amazing. nothing i've ever made of his has sucked. beyond that more of his recipes are our family staples than any other cookbook author. plus he is adorable. plus christmas! 





christmas best

ever since i laid eyes on this dress from pearl lowe i haven't been able to stop thinking about it as my christmas party dress.

i mean look at it! it's pure nostalgia. it comes in red too tho i think red might be too literal for me. i just love the silhouette and the lacy collar. 

i'd pair it with black opaque stockings and the sickest gucci platforms. a classic red lip and nail and a modern take on the simple and sweet pearl earring

but alas, the dress is too far away and it'd never get here on time. this dress has a similar silhouette and is equally festive and really affordable. gucci platforms are out of my budget but these in black are a good substitute. 

here are some other fa la la la favorites - this this velvet beaded bag, this pink lace dress, this hair bow lewk, this velvet frills wrap dress, this lace blouse to dress up your jeans, and this silver jumpsuit