for the outdoors

the day before yesterday it was 85 degrees. 

that's as absurd for march here as 20 degrees is, which it was last week. 

i'm not complaining about warmer weather (tho 85 seems a little aggressive) but it's certainly kicked my ass in gear to get the outdoor spaces ready for cocktails, cookouts and plantings. 

fringe patio umbrella - i am partial to this white tho i suspect a white umbrella is a really not so great idea. thankfully we have options


james beard's outdoor cooking 1960 1st edition - what a fun gift for anyone who loves to cook. the illustrations are super fun. 


green patio set - perfect color, perfect size for a cocktail and a partner.


skirted effect coffee table - just so great.


cherub planter - not your average planter. love this one too. 


black & white striped pink corded pillows - a steal. 


french sunburst garden chairs - i adore these chairs. 


outdoor rug - excellent price. and what a statement. 


farmhouse cupboard - something perfectly weathered to store gardening things.



have you heard?

about pierce & ward? the design duo out of nashville?

i really like their lewk.

they seem to be really good at mixing styles. there's also something slightly garish about their designs that i love. 

and they've mastered that thing that good decorators know how to do: make it look like the design evolved over time and not like everything in the place comes fresh off a shelf somewhere. 


check out their insta for more inspiration. 

and have a great weekend!




hi friends. sorry for the radio silence. i have been busy but also winter is hard. 

i've just dropped a bunch of bowls into my shop.


shop all bowls here.

and check out the commissions page for info on custom bowl orders. 


ok then. big gulps.