4 years ago i stumbled into a store in harrogate, UK called lush. harrogate, england of all places?!?!
so for a while i thought this was an english store. i did however know that there were lush stores all over the place (although none in atlanta at the time) but i STILL thought it was an english store in its origin. its actually canadian. go figure. anyway, this place had me at hello. you could smell it about a mile down the street. all clean and flowery. now i have smelled a lot of bath bars, bombs and bubbles in my 39 years but the products in lush seem to surpass all others. there is a particular odor that seems to resonate throughout all of their products, meaning if i walked into your house and you had just bathed with one of their many bath bombs i would know that it was a lush bath bomb even though i have not smelled all of them and they are all very different. so back to harrogate. i love this town. it is quaint and victorian in its architecture even though its origin i believe is 17th century.
i travelled there back when my daughter was almost 9 months old. it was a family trip...and i mean the whole family; mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, nephew, husband, self and baby. whew!! not recommended, travelling over seas with a baby. despite this it was a very memorable and lovely time. and for me my memories are recalled by smell. images too but mostly smell. it has always been this way for me. so lush is just a happy place for me. i told everyone at dinner right after visiting that it was my new favorite store and i wish i had 100 bucks to spend in there. well...ask and ye shall receive!!! the next night at dinner my dad presented me with a 100 dollar gift certificate to lush. so i woke up the next morning plopped daughter in husband's hands and said... see ya later!! it was a great girly spending moment. nothing like spending someone else's money. why is it when its someone else's we seem to have no problem buying 30 dollar face lotion? so bought i did. 100 dollars worth of yummy smelling stuff. mostly for my bath but also creams and oils foir after the bath. i would smell great for months!!!! there was so much to choose from. one thing i went for straightaway was a bath bomb called chelsea garden. now a bath bomb for those that might not know is a round ball of bath salts, perfume, oils, bits of herb, flowers, and/or glitter and all sorts of girly pieces of love that you put under hot running water and it dissolves in the tub creating a sublime bathing sensation. there are lots of different ones with lots of different ingredients. now chelsea garden was a lavender bath bomb with bits of real flowers stuck inside and it smelled like....a garden.