my eyes smell like roses

of all the mascaras that i have tried (and believe me there are LOTS) this one while the most expensive in that list is also my favorite and my best. it is christian dior's diorshow. what makes it the greatest? well for starters it smells like effing roses!!! i believe it is rosewater that does it. but beyond the dreamy smell it also does not give me racoon eyes, it does not clump, it makes my lashes l-o-o-o-n-g and it washes off with whatever you wash your face with. flakes either. it truly is a superior formula. i recommend you fork out the 23 bucks and get'choo some. i love this product so much that i have given it as a gift, as my good friend anna can attest.
*i don't want to appear insensitive of the dreadful economy right now, so by all means find a way to budget this into your beauty regime. even if you have to use some cheap shampoo or drink cheap wine for a while (i have had some good 5 dollar bottles from spain...i'm just sayin'- where there's a will there's a way).