the domino effect

sad news for us style bloggers. sad news indeed. anna spiro over at just informed me that domino magazine is no longer. a few weeks back i got notice in the mail that my other favorite magazine, cottage living was throwing in the towel as well. i managed to get over this fairly quickly as i thought the magazine had lost its original charm and gusto but this...this is not going to be as easy to swallow. what's next house beautiful? country living? is this a domino effect?

*rita konig. my favorite contributing editor at domino

domino was the best as far as i am concerned. it catered to a younger crowd with a smaller budget. hello! now of course there were loads of things that i could not afford in it but they managed to converge all budgets with such great style and cleverness. it was a true inspiration.
now i am wondering if we style bloggers that counted on domino (among others) were the source of its demise. the dr. frankenstein to its monster. how do you ask? well, considering the growing style and home decor blogs out there (and there are hundreds!) i wonder if previous magazine subscribers or even those that bought at the newsstand were starting to realize that they could get all this style info within our blogs? why pay when you can surf the net and get your decor fix?? i mean for me personally, given that i am a junkie, the internet would never take the place of my much loved ritual of a freshly postmarked domino and a glass of wine in my bed. never ever!
and while i know the economy is largely to blame and the fact that US magazine subscriptions are dirt cheap i still wonder if i am not somewhat dead on here in my theory.
either way r.i.p. domino you will be missed dearly by many.