jamie oliver birthed a magazine!!!
ok i am so excited i can hardly contain myself to wait to read the whole thing! i have already read an article on the making of jamie oliver style-y in their packaging:

2 recipes that i cannot wait to cook; roast halibut with beetroot and grilled leeks and fennel salted pork chops with roast carrot, rutabaga (swede) and spicy cabbage, and a Q&A with brad pitt with jamie asking the questions. and as this is a premiere issue i can only assume (and hope) that it will be a regular thing. i love me some Q&A's with famous and/or cool people. and i am only on page 27 out of 130. a magazine with 130 pages?!?! its true. i tell no lies here my friends. i love to cook and i love jamie oliver's style. so passionate about seasonality and organic beginnings and endings and he makes it look so easy! not to mention what he can do with a carrot and an avocado. pretty inspiring actually.
all this after the death of one of my favorite magazines, domino...i feel the publishing gods have felt my pain and seen my tears. i can't wait to divulge more for you.
p.s. i realize that i am probably not the first to break this news as i bought my issue in a borders books. and it IS a dec/jan issue so CLEARLY it has been around in the UK for quite sometime.