don't go changin'

as far as i can tell you either love rita konig or you don't. some say she is insipid..i say she's quite sipid. some say she is haughty, snobbish, a silver spooner. i think they would be right there. and i think that's part of her charm. but it's clear since her domino days her style hasn't wavered one bit. she is steadfast in her love of english delightfulness and girly glamour. and for that i am a bit envious, or at the very least curious. i mean my decorating fetishes are all over the map. i googled rita today b/c i actually miss her apartment, you know...the one that was always featured in domino. and for a while there i was so over that apartment i threw up a little every time i saw it. but i found these images from her newish blog over at the ny times and i have to say the little changes she has made have made me love it all over again, along with that quirky english hodge podge of treasures she does so well...

***update..ok, so it's not the same apartment, it's a new one. but the point is still the same.
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