i'm not done yet

showing you more plaid handsomeness. it can create a masucline/feminine balance, it can soften a modern space and warm up a cold one..

kinda says, "fall is here so let's get cozy, light some candles, eat some popcorn and watch movies", doesn't it?

it looks good on too:
a bracelet:
a ring:

not all plaids are created equally, these blankets are from the scottish weaver:

ws home's cashmere 50billiondollar version: (thanks lilah from urbansardines!)
welsh plaid (personal fave):

lightweight wool specials:
canadian tartan:
irish plaids: (these are lovely, soft and heathered)
modern tartan: (these are a bit too collegiate for me)
so many choices, so many colors!! i think one blanket on a sofa, chair or the end of a bed is the way to go here. simple, comfy and soft..welcoming after a long, cold day.
just whatever you do- for fuck's sake don't go here:

or here: