in the round circle

i know there is a radio show out there in blogland called 'the skirted roundtable'. for some reason when i have tried to listen, it's in warp speed and everyone sounds like a chipmunk. so i gave up. is my skirted roundtable. it's called 'in the round circle'. others might call it a blog(brilliant isn't it?) it's where i discuss things that don't suck and things that do in the design world. let the discussion commence!!! (said with great passion and drama)

here we have a beautiful kitchen from airspaces. i love it's simplicity. i also love the mirror tiles and marble counters (notice how they go all the way down). but it would be on the edge of cold cliff without that wood island and mouth watering tile floor.
also from airspaces. can we talk about how ridiculous this chandelier is? and when i say ridiculous i mean awesome. also i am not sure what that gold thing is on the wall, but it appears to be some sort of sconce. if this is so, it is REALLY cool. if it's just art with some sunlight behind it then it's just pretty cool. either way this is some entry. like wilbur is sooooome pig!

truman capote=wierdly fabulous. notice the lemon tree..or is it a kumquat tree? also cat figurines.

is there a more perfect suitcase anywhere?

this is an overall very pretty color palette. could someone please tell me where i can make my own color palette?

my cool dad is going to make these side tables for me. i am very excited b/c they will a. be custom b. be from my dad and c. hold a lot of stuff.

also, my beautiful and sweet and talented neighbor alison is going to make me this piece of pottery. in your face kelly wearstler.

and a show of hands- who damn near had an orgasm when they saw this fabric wall at anna spiro's?
discuss in the round circle....

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