after monday's mad search for leopard and plaid and coming up short wouldn't you know ralph lauren would come to the rescue (2 days late-thanks ralph) with an email in my inbox showcasing his indian cove collection? now i am not one to go crazy for the lodge look in fact most of the time it makes me want to gouge my eyes out with a pair of secateurs. but ralph does it in a way that says, i am way cooler than the average person and i can pull this off and make you want to do it to your house too. the way only a super classy and chic eccentric person can do. here are some highlights: that buffalo plaid chair is pretty awesome especially sitting next to the chinese-y bamboo looking table (what would you design educated people call that type of table? chippendale? chinoiserie? chippenoiserie?). i'm not mad at the bird pictures either, or the copious amount of layered rugs. and honestly...i have to say never EVER has wood panelling looked so good.

is that emerald green velvet on the walls??!!!!!
hell yeah it is!!!!!

if the lodge thing still isn't for you, check out this philippe starck chair my mom sent me...

all it needs is a little red tartan plaid throw or throw pillow and you have the look without the lodge feel.

and here is the RL indian cove bedding collection. not sure if i would go all out with the plaid all over my bed but those buffalo plaid cases next to that leopard is working for me.

the green version is quite nice too...

how are we all feeling about this?