not so much

as a mom your job never ends. no breaks, well...maybe short ones, but nothing like you need. which is hours, maybe days. especially when you feel like ass. as in flu ass, cold ass, swinesarsmalaria ass. back before i was a mom when i got sick i could stay in bed all day if i wanted and convalesce with the best of em. i could watch movies all day, never bathe, wipe boogers everywhere, not that i did but i COULD HAVE (ok maybe one or two) and order food in. see all that changes when you become a mom...i could look like this:

and i would still be expected to get up and make breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything inbetween. so even though i can't i would LIKE to pretend to take refuge in this room all weekend long:isn't it ambrosial? it looks like an angel's bedroom on a cloud. every 2 hours i would like my sweet little one to visit me and give me a hug and tell me what she was up to while mommy was busy resting. she would bring me a cup of tea and the latest paper issue of lonny, which michelle and pat made special just for me. then she would be on her way until i requested her presence again in two more hours this time bearing some luna and larry chocolate peanut butter coconut milk ice cream...i could go on and on. but i won't, in fact lest you think i am complaining please remember this- never ever in a fucking lightyearcoon'sage type of time frame would this happen which is why i have this blog so that i can pour my poor me heart into it every now and again. when in reality i still have to pick up a shitload of toys (little teeny tiny ones too, like hundreds of pennies teeny tiny), bathe a child, clean a kitchen and put said child to bed (which might sound delightful and easy but if you know my child this tends to be anything but the case) before this day is over. and so you know...these are things that on a normal every day basis i do without thinking twice but this week these chores and activities seem really really tedious. so sue me.
on another note...this guy is feeling pretty good right about now, huh?!!!

i still wouldn't trade places with him for the world. (except when he bangs michelle...YEAH I SAID THAT!)