it's that time of year- time to offend the ones you love

who doesn't have a numb skull in their life just waiting to be told so? well now you can.

back in the day this would have been perfect for me:

or this one:

have a gay in your life? i do! merry christmas annie! look-it even looks like a long vagina.

perhaps a co-worker for this one? most of us know someone with a substandard IQ who thinks they're smart. since there wasn't a 'douchebag' plate 'twit' will get the message across nicely:

have a family member or friend into drugs? give them these with a card that says.."i'm onto you."

or for your pothead friend? cooler still if she rolls a joint on it. (i'm talkin to you marci)

there's a lot more at trixie delicious's etsy store.