just wanted to let you all know that the buffet is done. done i tell you and beautiful in it's hague blue glory. i stopped at anthro today to pick up a piece of hardware to see if it would work, it did not. too small. theirs are all too small. or my buffet is too big. it is. it's old. so i took the old knobs and pulls and polished them up in a special sauce (which is 1 tsp of salt, 1 cup of vinegar mixed together, then add enough flour to make a paste; apply to hardware and let sit for as long as is needed. in my case overnight. that shit was tarn-ISHED!) anyway...they are golden and glorious.
pics to come tomorrow...in the meantime go grab a bucket of cokes, sit down with some gentleman suitors, see where that goes and then meet me back here tomorrow.