the hague

well, was it worth the wait? srsly. it was not such a hard job as it was a time consuming one. a downside is i have been having major headaches since i painted it. but, i learned a lot. which is probably the most important bit here. i thought several times about how much faster this would be if i had a spray gun, but i started to really like the little imperfections that come with hand application. and i honestly can't wait to get started on a few other pieces i have around here. let's talk about the hardware for second, it cleaned up nicely but i am not sure i love it. i think i want to go a little more mom and i are going to look at an antiques hardware store at some point in the near future so these will have to do for now. i know i def want brass though..
now i would have loved to have styled it all up for you, but that will take me another several weeks i'm sure. i hope you like it but could really give two shits if you don't. big hugs.