my new boss

how's that for fucking crazeballs?? allow me to refresh your memory....

remember the designtard series? remember when you saw dantard making goo goo eyes at the hot gay dude who came it to critique the madness of 3 recliners in a nursery?
so the hot gay dude is john gidding, an architect and designer and overall renaissance gay. well he contacted me several months ago and asked me if i wanted to write his blog for his new website. i accepted and we met yesterday and went over the details. first of all let me just say he is major eye candy. i nearly passed out due to the glare coming off his teeth. he is super tall like 5'15 or some shit. and tan. and...funny and nice and cool and...(gulp) talented.. he showed me some of his furniture designs which are very cool and modern and frank gehry-ish.
so..the website itself is dedicated in part to his new hgtv show airing in the spring called curb appeal the block in which he fixes up the facade of not just one house but a whole block. i watched a sneak peak yesterday and i have to say as far as hgtv shows go this one had a reality sensibility (i.e. unscripted, free form etc..) unlike some of the other cheese fest's that hgtv offers. john is warm, funny and a little nerdy on camera which always wins me over. i can't stand when people take themselves too seriously, it's such a turn off. it makes you judge their shit more harshly, no? anyhoo....there were promises of events i would attend, photograph and blog about as well as a few silly things i could post (there was talk of the penis chandy ) and coming to the set of curb appeal to perhaps blog about that. so overall i am pretty excited to actually be paid for writing! i mean i never ever ever EVER predicted that when i started MFAMB, and to be paid for something that i actually enjoy! plus to be called by the guy i was kinda razzing says something about the guy doesn't it? as i said's CRAZEBALLS!!!!

so from my perspective as long as you write it all from your heart and use your voice and not a voice you think people want to hear and try not to bore the piss out of people you will get a job with a hot gay dude!