your new favorite show

tonight on comedy central a very VERY funny and cool show airs that i feel you must watch. it's called free radio. free radio started out a few years ago on vh1 and ran for 2 seasons. unfortunately it just wasn't a great fit. now, comedy central has picked it up and is running the second season again which is great news because YOU get to GIVE it a second chance. it airs after the colbert report at MIDNIGHT tonight and every monday night. tivo it if you must, but you really seriously need to watch. it's funny. it's the story of a dumbass (lance krall) who fills in for the head dj of a popular morning show after he rather suddenly quits. lance ends up being so bad and rude to the celebrity guests that he actually gets a fan base tuning in every week just to see what kinds of things he will say to them, the show is then dubbed 'moron in the morning'. here's a clip: