craigslist score needs some fabric love

in case no one believed me yesterday or in earlier posts when i said my house was as dark as the underbelly of a nutsack, specifically this is proof. this is middle of the day and it doesn't change as the sun moves it's way around the earth. this is largely due to the huge covered porch we have. anyway...this is about my 85 dollar mid century-ish craigslist score. i actually bought it from a very cool mid century dealer here in atlanta. i walked into his immaculate time capsule of a house and was very excited when he left to go to the basement to bring up my chair so i could walk around and look at all of his beautiful furnishings without looking like a furniture stalker. kinda stupid when he actually could have been going in the basement to put on his skin suit a la this guy. anyway..he brought it up and it was really in very good shape and super comfy. i call that a score. i intend to paint the wood frame something glossy, probably black. but i have no idea where to find affordable, sexy fabric. i want something graphic, not thinking floral and no imperial trellis please (beautiful though it is)...maybe black and white? not too traditional and not too modern. somewhere in the middle. any ideas?

any ideas? lovely readers???