thank you thanksgiving

this book has been read in this house every thanksgiving (and plenty of days in between) for the past 4 years, or since my daughter was 1 1/2 years old. it's about a little girl who goes to the local market to pick up some eggs, cream and a few other things for her family's thanksgiving meal. on the way she gives thanks to just about everything she sees; the trees, the clouds, the snow etc..and along the way she is followed by a duck and some rabbits. she buys carrots for the rabbits and a baguette for the duck with the extra money. she gets home to a round of applause and proceeds to make whip cream for the pies. it's a simple story of thanks told in a way that is sans pilgrims and indians. it's a family favorite. i am very thankful this year. here are just a few things i am thankful for:

these bitches:
these snatches:

and these hookers:

this gorgeous beast of a teddy bear:

these babies:
especially this one; i am no one without her:
my nephew..a sweet little boy with the weight of the world on his shoulders:

and these knuckleheads:

all of you. i am thankful.