birthday slash christmas needs

i know...needs is a strong word. how about wishes? although as my husband is wont to say.."you can wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which comes out fulfilled first..." charming AND smart!!! but i am turning 40 this saturday and feel this week of blog posts needs to honor the passing into crone. and this crone needs some things...
for starters i will take 7 yards of this lee jofa fabric for my new 85 dollars craigslist chair...

i would also like to wake up every morning to this:

this cookbook of healthier baked options:

as well as this one, cuz momma needs to lay off the meat for a while:

this book of walton ford paintings so that i can frame some around the hizzy:

this globe for fiona's room (i'm not totally selfish):

lookie it lights up!!!

and these...also for fiona...her birthday is also this month and i want to give a few of these as party favors and then keep the rest for decorations for the party.

how amazing are these colors together...lime, lavender, ochre, cream and faded ruby...

and i am really not opposed to this:

so if anyone out there wants to buy me this stuff that would be awesome.