shiny metal lamps are good

every time i see a shiny lamp i jizz a little. they add so much to a room- warmth, glamour, shimmer.



this is overkill to me. i don't need that much shimmer in one room. i love the lamp but part of the charm and wonder of a shiny lamp is the contrast it adds to the room, there is no contrast here:

i LOVE these lamps. they combine my love of shiny gold and matte black:


love the fixtures in here. kelly loves to use brass/gold with muted pinks and purples:

lets talk about this room a little. notice how small this room appears to be. but notice the bold use of color and pattern. i love that. what i don't love though, is that damn wallpaper. i love the colors but to me it looks like a dentist's waiting room circa 1973. it just looks dated. i don't necessarily HATE it, i just don't love it. and i think the majority of kelly wearstler's stuff falls into this category. just sayin'. still...shiny lamps kick ASS!