expedit questions..

fiona needs shelves. lots of them, because she has over 300 books, 4 huge baskets of big, ugly plastic toys, and 3 huge baskets full of stuffed animals, 3 baskets of activity books and coloring books, 3 boxes of crayons and markers and her closet is full of all the little shit that is too small for shelves that i would like to just throw away but i know that if i do she will request it and then cry b/c mommy threw it away. that's called murphy's law i believe? anyway..expedit...what say you? affordable-yes! good looking- yes! sturdy-?? have any of you used expedit? do you like? tell me your story. or tell me what you like the bestest. just please don't tell me how your kid died trying to climb them. that won't do me at all.

images via ohdeedoh