i feel like i'm taking crazy pills!!!

lonny, let's break it down....

shopping guide..i so rarely enjoy these. i would rather they do a shopping guide after each home spread telling me where they got their shit and perhaps a cheaper option if applicable. it seems like a better marketing strategy too.

the hotels were cute.

fashion spread- fast forward

all three store interiors = bullshit
the stripy bathroom was cute though, but it was a palpable room for me to copy. did we need to see inside 3 stores? i would much rather see kate spade's house filled with things i cannot afford than her store filled with things i cannot afford.

lisa fine's place with all it's mixed patterns was cute but it felt like major deja vu. in fact just about everything felt major deja vu-ish. it was slightly disappointing to see shit in here i had seen on blogs already, yes you green campaign cabinet.

and what's with the antler party? and where is the goddamn christmas mantel i asked for?

over all its a thumb sideways from me. but i don't want to just be an asshole who diarrhea's all over some one's efforts. i just want something better than a watered down version of domino.
so no more fashion spreads...we don't care. gift guides are dumb. hotels are cute but makeovers are better. heather clawson is a geek. jamie meares is cool. be like keith johnson from anthropologie and get your butts on a plane and go FIND that awesome house we have yet to see. and then sell it to us for lot's less.
anyone else care to add?