do you know about the christmas krampus?

lately there has been a lot of krampus (please say this the correct way and that would be "krampoose") talk around here. up until a week ago i had never heard of the christmas krampus before. apparently he's been around for a long time, originating in austria. anyway the short story is that santa gives presents to the good children and the christmas krampus kidnaps the bad children and takes them away, to eat them maybe? that's some pretty scary shit to a little kid. which is exactly why we have been using krampus as leverage here in the anderson household. such as.."fiona, krampus is watching" or "fiona, do we need to call krampus??!!" to which we are met with a bewildered "no".

to this day in parts of europe krampus day is a big deal and there are all kinds of krampus costume contests.

so good and don't make me call the krampus! merry merry lovers!!