head clearer

if you're like me you more than likely have some sort of head cold. in fact i think the ol immune system checked out of here sometime back in october. she's somewhere in the south pacific warming her t cells. bitch! anyway, i made this soup 20 minutes ago. it's that easy. 20 minutes start to finish.
serves 2
1 tbsp red curry paste
1 15 or so ounce can full fat coconut milk. not the creme, not the lite and the ingredients should just say coconut milk, you will salt and sweeten it later. (although if u just have the lite that will work too)
1/2 package of mushrooms (i used button), sliced
1 sheet wide rice noodles (i used rice vermicelli b/c that's what i had and not the whole package, half of it) cook these according to package directions FIRST. they need to be cooked before you add them to the soup
1 jalapeno (i did not use it b/c to me the red curry paste is plenty spicy)
1/2 bunch spring onions, sliced
put a little veg oil in a med-large saucepan.
fry the red curry paste for 1 minute.
add the can of coconut milk and then fill it halfway with water and pour it in too.
add 1 tbsp of sugar to taste. i like mine sweet (though not sickly) and i used about a tbsp of agave nectar instead of sugar.
add 1 tsp salt to taste.
simmer for 5 minutes while you slice the mushrooms and green onions.
throw in the mushrooms after 5 minutes is up and simmer for another 2 minutes.
stir in the drained noodles, add your jalapeno if using, and spring onions. serve in deep bowls and squeeze a half a lime over each serving.
so good. so easy.
and it will liquefy the contents of your head. just don't let it drip in your bowl. although i won't judge. i put boogers in my pocket, remember?