fresh and exciting and then more black

canadian house and home's jan issue is all about the trends for 2010. i don't know about you but i could care less about trends. least of all when someone "spots" a trend or "calls" a trend a trend etc. bullshit line...bullshit bullshit... as soon as you label something trendy i want to set myself on fire. i am fond of some trends but can a new trend for 2010 be to not tell me what is the latest trend? that said could we please do away with anything that looks like a grain sack? ok thanks.

while flipping thru said issue i saw this dining room and was smitten. i think it is fresh and exciting and it pleases my eyeballs. the big ass light fixture, the cool shelves in the back (love those), the sconces painted black (doing this to mine tomorrow), the settee and industrial looking's just fun and cool and i haven't seen it a thousand times.......yet.

and then there's this- black walls. glimmering gleaming glowing black walls:
a major "trend" right now and i am so not over it. how could you be? it's so gorgeous! it's warm and sexy, bold and neutral, and it just plain makes me want to butter my corn. so perfect with the light floors and the woven blinds.

what are the trends you would like to see go and stay forever? even though it is understood that we as a group hate the word "trend"...