dreaming of an AIR-MEZ blanket..

no...really...i had a dream last night that i had a hermes blanket on my bed. this was most likely due to the fact that yesterday i saw kelly wearstler's pretty hermes blanket in the dec. issue of vogue living....i assume she has one in every room of the house. all of her houses. this was one of those early morning dreams where you wake up, realize it's morning and are pissed that you can't go back and dream some more of robert patt...i mean the hermes blanket.

in my search for images of hermes blankets this morning i didn't come across very many...most likely due to the fact that they are well over a thousand dollars a pop so only the ridiculously rich or stupid have them. you have probably seen most of these. in case you were wondering my blanket was orange and white. but this one is the one i would buy if i were ridiculously rich and/or stupid:

see....kelly wearstler's son has one:

she probably has one too:

images via your mother