my frosty brings all the boys to the yard

not much to say other than i just shot 6 commercials in 2 days and i feel every second of my almost 40 years (tomorrow). it was all a lot of fun though, i got to work with my favorite director peter siaggas on all the spots. my dear friend loren tarquinio (his wife anna is my bestie)
and i shot 4 of the commercials yesterday for a flooring company. i don't have any pics from yesterday b/c my camera went dead. just the pics from the hooter's commercial. as you can see i looked pretty fucking ridiculous. complete with cherry red eyebrows and freckles. below is jamie who played ron mcdonald. duh. and you might be able to tell how they squashed my boobs down as much as is humanly possible...

the hooters set:
this was pretty much all the hooters girls did all day...text...(and that old guy was the food stylist who pretty much hung out here all day when he wasn't making my cheeseburger look fresh)
it was awesome to do what it is i love to do and frankly what i do best..and that is act. it's where i am happiest. it was sucky to be away from all of you guys though. especially from all of your blogs and i can't wait to catch up with all of you.
tonight i am celebrating my birthday with a special dinner my husband has been planning...
more on that tomorrow!
peace out lovers..