what the??!?!!!

when i woke up this morning and turned on the ol trusty lap top ( i used to think it was lab top by the way. talk about a design tard.) and saw my 2nd grade picture and then SEVERAL pictures of myself i thought i was dead. it didn't take long to figure out what was really going on...what a guy, huh ladies????
i can't thank you enough for what that meant to me. as pathetic as it sounds you guys are my friends. in a way, ya know? i feel protective of you and i would probably beat a face in for you if i needed to. when any of you are down or facing pain or tragedy i feel it too. and i say prayers for you and all that too sometimes, when needed. i rully do. so to see your efforts to make my birthday special is enough to make me cry a little. you all make me feel special enough anyway when you comment and tell me i am funny, or i made you laugh or what have you...that is always a gift. and THIS...this is..just...icing on the cake!! so thank you. thank you very much. i fully intend to thank each of you individually but i wanted to get this out there...so in the mean time lets enjoy some cake:

in a place like this:

and lest you think i forget...mike...for you i give you this:
for enduring my endless obsession with robwerd cullenson and for loving me in spite of it and for putting this birthday surprise together. you are my hero. so go and motorboat those boobies...
so far 40 is kicking ass.

sea bass.