root problem

ok so i have bleached blonde hair. i have ALWAYS had bleached blonde hair. highlights, lowlights and all over. every shade too, white, gold, butter, honey, brass and even 'sun-in' orange. it was high school people. but the one draw back is those damn roots. they are serious when they come back! and i am the worst about going back for a touch up. i wait until i look like someone waiting in line at the cvs to buy bic razors, pop-tarts and vagisil wearing slippers with socks and shorts. and then i realize i don't have enough money to go and will have to wait another week and a half to get in at which point i may as well sign up for jerry springer. but lately i have been noticing beautiful, rich women celebrated for their trendsetting ways sporting major roots. take a look and weigh in...personally if these women are ok with it..then i am too. of course that could also be just an excuse to make myself feel more cool than dirty whore.

this picture of gwyneth is pretty much where i am at exactly. although her hair here is about 3 inches longer than mine.

personally i think cameron actually had her hair colored at the roots to that point on purpose. this is extreme but i actually think its pretty cool. but this is cameron diaz and she pretty much could smear shit on her face and look amazing.