spring cleaning

while images of powdery scrubs and lavender water are indeed dancing through my head from the post title, the spring cleaning i am referring to is an internal one. i feel its time people. a glass (or 2) of wine almost every day and LOADS of butter are starting to take their toll...that extra 5-10 lbs, my skin, general overall loafishness. while i could not and would not EVER do a master cleanse (unfortunately insulin dependant diabetes prohibits it, that and the opinion that it might be far worse for you than loads of butter) i WOULD do a strict diet-y type cleanse thing-y.
gwyneth "goop" paltrow has a blog too called....goop. her initials or something, although i can't for the life of me figure out the "oo". olivia octavia? anyway...she talks about this cleansing diet she went on based on dr. alejandro junger's book clean. not so bad really. actual food, albeit no traces of dairy, sugar, caffeine, wheat, and processed foods (soy included). it lasts for 7 days and i will definitely have to adjust my insulin, but i am going to give it a try. i've asked my husband to do it with me. we'll see who lasts longest. truth be told i think its a pretty even playing field. he hates to lose weight and i hate being hungry.
so here's a link to the diet- http://goop.com/newsletter/15
plan to start march 1st. hope i don't kill anyone.
will keep my 4 readers posted.