kitchen envy (p.s. i know i am not the first to talk about this kitchen but since i love it so and my blog at this point is relatively new i need to)

this lovely bit of kitchen equipment is called the meneghini la ghiacciaia fridge/freezer
it is the one nigella lawson personally chose for her show nigella express.
every week i watch nigella express and feasts (respectively) on food network. and every time i watch i am left drooling over her awesome kitchen. don't know if its hers really, could be a studio near her house for all i know. but i sure do love it. she has loads of christmas lights strewn everywhere (she calls them fairy lights-as do most europeans...aussies too for that matter) and i mean EVERYWHERE!. i love its mix of industrial chic and modern country capsule. did i just make up a phrase? anyway it kicks major ass. it is also nearly impossible to find pictures of it. but here are some, all apologies for their quality. (oh...and try to conentrate on the kitchen not on nigella's squeezable rack)