promises from a flip flop

this morning in atlanta it was a frigid 21 degrees. here in the south 21 degrees is somehow different than 21 degrees in say, chicago or new jersey. it is colder. the air is cold and humid and it feels like it will rip your face off. now i spent the first 16 years of my life in the midwest so i KNOW cold. and i am telling you there is a difference! atlanta cold SUCKS! ok, so i go to the mall after dropping off my unrecognizable little girl (due to heavy coat, hat and scarf) at preschool this morning b/c i have no sweaters or anything warm and i need these things today!!! why don' t i have these things? because as cold as it can get here it will be 60 degrees the very next day so we tend to not own as much cold weather stuff as warm. well my usual good sweater sale stores (jcrew, gap, madewell etc...) are loaded with only spring clothes. its like a citron and blush explosion. and when i happened upon these little beauties i was instantly smitten and couldn't wait to get my first spring pedicure and wear them. the pale pink camellia is so sweet i can't stand it! its like jewelry for your feet!!! now while i know that it is clearly not flip flop will be soon. what's today? wednesday? yep...should be able to wear them this saturday.