am i supposed to like this stuff?

i am not a fan. this is the orla kiely stuff for target and quite frankly i think it's barf city usa. i just returned from target and saw a few of these pieces up close and personal and this picture does it a better justice than is deserved. the fabrics are horribly scratchy and hard and the colors (some of them) are one shade away from baby turds. i don't really get all the hype anyway. i think its kinda lame when you can look at something and go..."OOOOH is that an orla kiely?!?!" much less "OOOOH is that an orla kiely for target?!!?!" whatevs. kind of like those vera bradley bags that everyone here in the south seems to carry. where you'll find a bedazzled cell phone inside, right next to the baby wipes and the H2 keys. no thanks orla. go fuck self.