anywhere but here

it has been raining here in atlanta for 4 days straight...nonstop. rain. so today's post is an anywhere but here post. as in, i'd rather be anywhere but here (as if that needed explanation).
so i found a few awesome french inns that would be a welcome alternative to this ark inspiring soak hole.
this first place is called maison de mer. here is an exerpt from their website:

Ma Maison De Mer opened in April 2004, after extensive renovations. Situated in a fantastic location 150m from the beach and 200m from the town centre.
The house comprises of 5 bedrooms, bar, living-room, dining room, a large garden with sun loungers and terrace and private parking. All rooms are ensuite and selected rooms have fans and mosquito nets.
St Palais-sur-mer is situated on the atlantic coast 9km from Royan, 60km from Cognac, 100km from La Rochelle, and 120km from Bordeaux. In the centre, you will find plenty to do with lots of shops, restaurants and bars.

this is one of st. palais' nearby beaches

this is one of the simple, but well appointed rooms. love the white and gray with the natural fiber rug.

this is where i would drink my morning cafe au lait and pretend to read the french paper.

this next place while not by the beach is still sunny and's called un coeur tres nature or "a very natural heart". what a lovely idea. it is located in liouc in southern france.
i would write you a postcard from this desk. it would probably say, "suck it!! i'm in paradise!!"

this last picture is some lucky person's house in mustique. this porch is calling me to have a drink and a shrimp cocktail on it.

i hope if it's raining where you are these places have taken you away from there for a moment or two. or at least inspired you to give the rain the ultimate middle finger and GOTO ONE OF THESE PLACES!!!! i sure wish i could.