this kitchen! i love a galley kitchen. for a cook a galley kitchen is really efficient. and that's what caught my eye here. i love how the shelves open up right behind the stove so all you need to do is turn around for a pinch of salt from the salt pig. and it doesn't hurt that your little one can doodle why you are preparing his food.

these shelves! i need some shelving for my growing (rapidly and largely) book collection and knew when i saw the right option it would be a no brainer...here they are. floating and fabulous! love them.
this living room! love the styling. the stone thingy's on the fireplace, the rug, the girly bits- it is all such a contrast but it works so well.
this lamp! it's just kinda perfect.

this show! gordon ramsay makes me a little sweaty(sorry honey, i love you but...) and the f word is his best show. less of the kitchen berrating and more of him being the really passionate chef and funny guy that he is. plus janet street porter-if you don't know who she is you need to find out. marathon's of this show are pure bliss for me. plus***bonus- shots of gordon's beautiful home kitchen. this show airs on bbc america. check your guide.