we've come a long way

remember when dyeing easter eggs consisted of a few scattered bowls, some "magic" tablets, a little vinegar and a metal wire contraption that never worked? does the name 'paas' ring a bell?

well move over archaic egg coloring techniques...

lookie here-

williams-sonoma has this cute kit. do we get the chicken with it or do we have to make it from an egg?

and here..ukranian egg decorating. pretty. and pretty difficult looking. especially since i still haven't mastered the metal egg dipper. plus i don't think my 4 year old has the patience for these just yet. but still these are quite fancy and lovely.

and this one is from hearth song. not sure what's so special about the kit but i dig the fancy egg tree. i do hate that i never have a place for the egg to dry and thus the egg acquires a weird blob of saturated color. although maybe i could buy this, which as you know i think is just about the cutest thing ever.

i think we will still do the matrix looking tablets and wire thingy this year. we might have to add a dora sticker or ten. but it is afterall the being together that counts most. right?