house tour

i first saw this paris flat owned by mariu de andreis of ZEF children's clothing line in cookie magazine a few months ago. she is also in the april issue of elle decor UK. i love it so much i had to do a house tour for you.

i love the cowhide rug and am seriously contemplating getting one for my living room. i have such a small living room this rug adds the right amount of softeness underfoot and warmth without taking up a lot of space. plus i think if you have pretty wood floors you shouldn't cover them all up. OH! and i need a new rug anyway- my 8 x 10 jute has seen a lot of accidents.
europeans DO love their fairy lights. and i am loving the disco ball. would you have one in your house? i would.

i am going to do this heart shaped poloroid thing above my bed. i love it. i just need a poloroid camera.

the little girls' rooms are so cute. if i could be a designer of any one room ONLY it would be little girls rooms. i tend to be drawn to a bohemian style for little girls rooms. like these...