mad cowhide disease

i KNOW!! terrible pun. but so bad it's awesome right? right?!?! i stated in the last post on this here blog, i was interested in a cowhide rug for my living room and would like your esteemed opinions.

so here's the rundown of the room...benjamin moore's silver satin on the walls, orange-y blonde wood floors and soon to be this couch:ok, so i know this is a cheap couch. ikea is cheap. but it is exactly what i am looking for looks wise. it has clean lines and is white. and the slipcovers are entirely removable and washable. with a 4 year old who eats on the couch daily ne-HOURLY and 2 cats who enjoy sleeping and sometimes relieving themselves on it, i NEED cheap at the moment. so no judgement!!!
so now on to the rugs. i have narrowed it down to 4- OH! and remember to look at THIS for an idea of what i am going for- ok here we go...

i really am torn. the first one may be a little too orange. is it? hard to tell with a photo. i mean my floors are kinda orange...but i do like it.
i feel like i may like #4 the best. PLEASE give me your input!!