sexy bedrooms

i have been wanting to do a post on this subject for a while. i myself do not have what i consider to be a sexy bedroom. not really sure if i want a sexy bedroom. for me i think i want, first and foremost a serene and calm and comfortable bedroom. i think some of these bedrooms have all that AND sexiness. i also know that sexiness in anything is a matter of opinion. i mean some people think i am crazy when i say that i think gordon ramsay is crazy sexy. or crazier still when i tell them i think the evil, ugly guy from 'lost' is sexy. i know! even i can't figure that one out.
so here, in my humble opinion, are some sexy bedrooms for you to get your freak on in.

here we have elegant sexy. look at that window and the view. voyeur sexy. plus that bed is huge and smooth and soft looking. nothing distracting you from the sex in this room.

this is cougar sexy. she is rockin' some young dude's world in this room. those lamps look like gigantic anal beads. plus she probably has the real thing in those bedside cabinets.

the fire. the window, again. i'm starting off in that chair and ending up on that smooth, soft taupe and purple bed.

nothing much to say here except that bed is screaming for afternoon humping.

this looks like someone's sexy guest room you need to annihilate before you leave.
turkish delight. many lovers in this room at one time. veil dancing. all that.

extremely naked in here for good contrast. and rain outside. and some hot scottish guy inside.

that light on. those shoes ON!

drunk one night stand sex. but amazing nonetheless.

satin-y green and dark walls. yes. yes! YES!
ok so. what do YOU think?
images from elle decor, marie claire maison and living etc.