did you know?

aedes de venustas is a company that sells frangrance for you and your home. lots and lots of really nice fragrances from killian to penhaligons to carthusian. never heard of these? well i have and in fact i have all of carthusian's capri italy based perfumes. expensive? hell yeah...it WOULD be if i had full sized bottles of them. but if you're like me you tire of a perfume rather quickly or just go through phases where you wear it every day and other days you can't be bothered smelling like anything. well i may be the last to know about this but aedes sells samples on their website. 7 samples of any perfume on their site for a flat rate of 15 dollars, which is basically just shipping and handling. i have used this feature lots. and the good news is if you like one a whole lot then good for you...buy the whole bottle. if not, then you don't get stuck with a big ass bottle of something that stinks on you. i read about fragrances all the time and i want to wear them immediately but usually don't ever fork over the money for it b/c its ridiculously expensive or i don't know how it smells on me. or you might be one of those people who has worn the same perfume every day since high school. well, maybe you are just a sample away from finding that new, BETTER fragrance. huuh??
anyway its a great site for hard to find perfumes and such. so click on the link and go to the bottom of the page and click on 'samples'.