officially obsessed

if you know me then you know that it's not hard for me to get obsessed with a book/movie series. even better when the books become movies. harry potter? check. lord of the rings? check. my inner nerd comes out with a vengeance. i can quote all 3 lord of the rings movies beginning to end. and while i LOVE the harry potter movies the books are where its at for me.

so i was up reading for 3 hours last night!! what? twilight of course. i am hooked. this book is so good, GOOD i tell you!!! the buildup of sexy tension is palpable, high school or not. i couldn't put it down, i had to force myself. then as i lay in bed i just imagined all the mysterious, foggy, rainy forest surrounding these characters and how and when they would kiss?!!
so i had to flick through flickr to find some washington area rainforest images...oh and an image of edward and bella...behold..vampire hotness...

so have any of you jumped on the nerdlight bandwagon?