eat-in kitchen

would you believe that only until fairly recently i had no idea what an "eat-in" kitchen was? now that i know i am embarrassed at how retarded i was. it's pretty obvious when you think about it. when in fact i think that was the problem, i OVER-thought it. anyway..i like 'em! covenient and efficient. keep the mess in one place. stove to table and all that. it's also the open-plan aspect that i like. i know europeans tend to prefer their kitchens to be away from the rest of the house, a sort of cooking sanctuary or prison, depending on which way you see it. in my next house i want an open-air living thing going on. kitchen, family, dining- all one big room!! bedrooms can be the sanctuaries, surrounded by 4 walls and all that.

i love how in this next one the kitchen is sort of a thru way between the living area and eating area...notice the shiny tiles and that fabulous fireplace...swoony-swoon.

the next one has a wall with sliding doors so it can become a little more private..THAT'S cool. do YOU like this idea????
images via living etc.