grey gardens-not a design post!!!!

not that i am at all dissing the lovely blog posts i have read over these last few days on the set design of this movie...they were awesome!! this is more about the movie itself..the acting mainly. i am, after all, an actress above all else. so i was a little curious about the casting of drew barrymore as little edie. i mean, i CAN see it, but still i am having to put on glasses to REALLY see it. the trailer below alleviates most of my confusion as to why they cast drew. i saw a picture today in US weekly of drew barrymore and jessica lange in character and i have to say, jessica LOOKS CRAZY CLOSE TO BIG EDIE!!!! anyway i am very excited to see this movie and i think if you have never seen the maysles documentary you should before you watch this hbo dramatization. really. you should. it will explain sooooooo much.

we will meet back here on sunday for a full review!