pluck you

readers, you must pluck and squeeze with a magnifying mirror! my mom has one and every time i go to her house i get my squeeze on and it is righteous. you can see hairs and blackheads that no ordinary mirror can pick up. it is soooooooooooo satisfying. and all of you pick and pluck haters can just stop reading. i mean what do you care if i pluck my eyebrows bald and make my skin scar?!?! it's my skin!!!! and you would be right, damn you. but i am willing to bet that for most of us it is just. too. fun. to. ever. stop.
now you can go for one of these fancy models (all from restoration hardware) and by all means, if you have the means...they ARE beautiful.

or you can go for the cheapo version with suction cups from the dollar store, like me.

either must get one. your eyebrows will thank you and your blackheads will be a thing of the past.