turquoise x's two!

the first comes from the seriously awesome alison from my little happy place. she kicks ass in brazil and takes names in glossy blue goodness. this is the after...go see the before and then SEE if you don't run out and try to do this yourself! you know you will. i am on my knees in worship to you my dear. oh, the lamp has had a makeover too.

the next picture is from anna over at ABT. but i'm sure if your reading THIS blog you most definitely know who she is and what an amazing blog she has. this image is of her shop, black & spiro. i have a major crush on this turquoise room. its just so....doggone pretty!!!!! not sure if i would do this in my house....maybe one day. but i think i could manage to pull off a piece of turquoise furniture like alison has.

love it. love the painting. love the green and blue together. love it. love it LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!