monday color combo

not just for traffic signs, taxi cabs and bumble bees! black and yellow has also outgrown the school bus and playground set. somehow this combination works. it works even better when you throw a lot of white around with it. and sometimes, if done with careful consideration and editing, it works with blue, pink, red and green! this is where i most admire true professional interior designers...i think if i tried this combination in my own home i would hate it. mostly b/c i think it would be really hard to get right. it looks easy enough, i know...start with a black and white room and throw in pops of yellow. but what about the pure black and yellow rooms? yellow walls black accents, pops of white? which way do you go? would you try this combo? do you like it? remind you too much of a bumble bee? or a school bus still?

images via house beautiful, living etc, blackwhiteyellow blog, ABT, flickr, etsy, web