ffffaking it

you know when you have nothing to blog about? well that is/was me this morning. usually i have SOMETHING to post about based on some prettiness i have found on the internets. and truthfully i DO have something i am working on but it's not ready yet. and while i could have had it ready for you this morning instead of working on it last night i was locked up looking through all 32875283572302833thousandbillion pages of ffffound. if you are not familiar, ffffound is just another photo sharing website but the photos are waaaaaaaaaay cool and evocative. so pardon me while i share with you some favorites and why i like them. you can stop reading now, i won't be offended. self indulgence annoys me too. so...off you go...if you must.

1. what??!! for reals??!!! who? what? where? are they grinding their own corn? welling their own water?

2. just honest and free. sexy and awkward.

3. good room.

4. horse love.

5. probably what most parents of teenagers think.

6. it took me a while...but then i got it.

7. whoever she is waiting for is most likely deserving.

8. the bed pan, the shoes, the dress, the mattress turned up...it's just sinister and sad.

9. bunnies. make. me. go. coo-coo. and this one is about to hug me.

10. creepy. but art directed so well.

11. this script is just beautiful. look at it!! i have...for several minutes. if i were getting married i would make someone do this for me.

12. mini stars. good polaroid photography.

13. truer words were never spoken.