curiouser and curiouser

'member when alice fell down the rabbit hole and she said those words? i believe she may have just stumbled into this store...bell'occhio. it is filled with things that have no rhyme or reason and i love that to pieces. here are a few things that did not go unnoticed by me..

for your next party or when you just want to seem slightly eccentric...mouches! or moles...

and a fox pin...hey, if the pin fits....

three cool hats. worn on your head (see mouches) or displayed just like this somewhere in your home where you need a punch of graphic coolness.

lovely pink boxes trimmed in gold in 4 different sizes. i want these in a big bad way for my closet. i would never close the door.

a raspberry box. for the raspberry lover in your life that needs a box that looks like a raspberry.
a cocoon. no...a an alien a turd...oh wait!!! that's a morel mushroom box just like the raspberry box only a morel mushroom. whew!!

faux bois oilcloth edging for a shelf. cute.

faux bois oilcloth by the yard. for the farmhouse table you've always wanted but feel you might change your mind down the road. that's easy to clean.

black and white string is ALWAYS better than plain!

and marcel whom they are apparently selling for $16.30. sold!!!