saturday house tour

i had seen this house, owned by raji radhakrishnan in met home magazine several months ago and loved it. but true to form i never read the article. well surfing through the internet i happened upon it again and this time i read it. turns out this raji is a self taught interior designer (business degree and motherhood on her resume) and quite a popular one in dc where she lives. i have heard of late of several bloggers out there (myself included) who have been asked, or are thinking about venturing into the interior design business without any formal training either. i thought...PAH! NO WAY!!! this is a fun hobby and i AM learing a lot but...someone PAYING me to do this? that's just crazytalk! now, i'm not so sure... now i know there are several design bloggers out there that are pro's and several that aren't even close (that would be me), so what are your thoughts on this? would you? could you? DID you? also if you are thinking about it i recommend you read the article through the link below.
Raji Radhakrishnan